Lynn LaRose

My husband and I enjoy bowling. We bowl every Friday with friends, and bowl on a league on Wednesday evenings. I've become acquainted with the owners and the cook/bar tenders as well as the young men who work behind the pins. This work will be called "Behind the Pins" My models are Chris and Jeremiah.

Below is the photograph I chose along with the red stained canvas board showing the subject drawn off in charcoal. This is how I begin. I don't like painting on a white canvas so I stain it with a diluted oil color (usually a red or brown tone). Once this dries, I draw a grid on the canvas and the photo and use this system to make sure the drawing is accurate. I use this system when drawing figures and complicated architecture. I draw off the subject with a piece of vine charcoal. It's easy to wipe off mistakes or start over if you need to. Once the drawing is done to my satisfaction I spray the canvas with workable fixative. Now it is ready to paint. (This will only work if painting in oil. The fixative will repel water based paints). Following photos show my progress.

"Behing the Pins" 12x16  Oil on Canvas Panel